Advertising can be a Boon for Business Houses

November 19, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Business Tips

business advertisementAdvertising plays a crucial role in our day to day lives. Many businesses are trying hard to get a border over its competitors. This competition occurs due to increasing number of consumers in the market. Advertising is an act of publicity of ones product in the market. It attracts a large number of customers. By creating brand loyalty, it helps to maintain sales and market share; it supplements personal selling and sales promotion. Advertising helps in introducing new products by creating awareness and gaining their acceptance. Advertising helps in creating a good image of the business firm. By building reputation of the firm advertising provides a sense of security to employees and improves their morale. Advertising provides education and knowledge to consumers about new products and their diverse uses. Such advantages of advertisements make it a necessity for business houses.

There are basically four types of advertising that you can opt for:-

Print advertising- printed words commands attention and respect and is therefore a very popular medium of advertising. A well drafted press copy has an unmatched appeal and enables the advertiser to communicate with a large number of people. The main forms of print advertising are newspapers, magazines journals, newspaper advertising has general and wide appeal.

Radio advertising-radio advertising has a wide appeal and all types of people including liberate can be approached. People can listen to the advertisement while at work also. It has some degree of selectivity and flexibility because the same advertise can be repeated in different channels.

Television advertising- television is a booming medium of advertising which is very effective due to its power to captivate the viewers. It has become popular and effective due to the combined force of picture and sound.

Online advertising-internet has emerged as one of the best platform for the companies to advertise their products. Through internet companies can make advertise their products to gain the attention of customers.

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