Tips to organize international conference

March 07, 2014  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Business Tips

organize international conferenceHave you been entrusted with the task of organizing an international conference? Well, organizing a conference is a huge affair and the responsibility is momentous when it involves an international touch. There are a great lot of factors to mind as you proceed with your conference plan.

Be careful with the date

You have to decide the date months and quarters in advance. It’s especially important when you are inviting international attendees- a date declared in advance will allow the foreign nationals to stay prepared beforehand. While selecting the date you should also check out other related conferences to be held at the same time. It’s good if you can settle your date just after or before other pertinent conferences in the industry. This will allow the international attendees to wrap up all meets within a single tour.

The location

The location of your conference should be a well-connected region that can be easily reached from different parts of the city. As you are organizing an international conference, try to find a venue nearer to the airport and the hotels in your city. The venue should properly equipped with all the conference essentials like premium microphones, a perfect conference set up, projectors etc. Do not select the first venue you bump into- your choice should be based on a comparative study between 4-5 potential venues. Don’t forget to have a physical tour around the venues prior to the final selection.

Topics with international impact

When you are inviting international speakers and attendees, you have to choose topics with international impact chiefly. Try to get in touch with world renowned speakers on your conference subject.

Promote well

Try to earn as much coverage possible or your conference. Launch press releases, promote the event in social media, send personalized emails to your invitees and don’t forget personal calls to the speakers & chief guests as well.

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